Terms & Conditions

Introductory Provisions

These Terms & Conditions contain a detailed description of the services provided by organizer of Rande Motýl Jana Olivová, (known hereafter only as organizer).

Further, it contains the specification of a binding contract between the organizer and the customer (known hereafter as customer or participant), who are using these services.

Conditions and Rules of Registration

In consideration to registering on the web site randemotyl.cz the customer affirms of having reached the age of 18 and being of a legal capacity to form a binding contract.

The customer certifies that all the information provided in registration form are accurate, current and complete.

The organizer does not assume any responsibility for any information that the customer has provided in the registration form.

The organizer reserves the right to refuse participation at a speed dating event to any customer, mainly due to not achieving any matches or too many repeated visits. Participation may be refused to the client even without prividing a reason or justification. In case a customer would have any unused guarantee, credits or discounts at that time, those would be considered void. The organizer does not assume any liability for the conduct of any of the participants prior, during or after the event in any conjunction with this service. The customer agrees to reimburse the organizer of any incurred damages resulting from his/her actions and conduct.

Participation at the speed dating events of Rande Motýl is subject to the complete and accurate registration on this web site and a payment of all applicable fees.

Reservation and Fee Payment

Reservation denotes clicking the Finish Reservation button and a payment of the applicable fee by direct deposit to the bank account number 2400044466, bank code 2010. The variable symbol for the payment will be sent in a confirmation email, following the completion of the reservation.

The payment must be deposited to our account no later than 3 days from the time when the reservation for a speed dating event was made. If a reservation is made less than 10 days prior to the event, the payment has to be credited to the account within the next day. In a case that the payment will not be credited to the bank account by this deadline, the customer will be automatically excluded from the event. Discounts are only valid if reservation is paid in advance.

The customer has a binding reservation in a moment when the payment fee is credited to the account of the organizer.

By payment remittance, a binding contract is formed between the organizer Jana Olivová, IČO: 75273896, and the registered customer. The subject matter of the contract is the right of the customer to attend the Rande Motýl speed dating event in a date and time confirmed by the organizer. The mutual contractual agreement and a legal relationship between the organizer and customer is governed by the respective provisions of the Commercial Code (Act no 513/1991, subsequently amended).

Regulations of Cancellation by Customer

Any customer has the right to cancel the event reservation. The reservation can only be canceled from Your Account > Your Reservations.

The customer has the right for the full payment refund, if the cancellation request is submitted at least 8 calendar days prior to the event date. The paid fee will be credited back to the customer's account within 14 days. In a case that a guarantee, user discount, gift or discount voucher was used for the canceled reservation, those still remain valid with the original expiration date.

If a cancellation request is submitted less than 8 but at least 4 calendar days prior to the event date, the customer is no longer entitled to receive a refund. However, the customer has the possibility to use this payment towards another speed dating event held at a later date. This right must be exercised no later than 2 months from the time of the cancellation. In a case that a guarantee, user discount, gift or discount voucher was used for the canceled reservation, those still remain valid with the original expiration date.

If reservation is canceled for any reason less then 4 days before the event date or if the customer does not attend or participate in the speed dating event, the payment is forfeited to the organizer. In a case that a guarantee, user discount, gift or discount voucher was used for the canceled reservation, those are considered redeemed and cannot be used again.

Regulations of Cancellation by Organizer

The organizer reserves the right to cancel any planned event if the capacity of the event not sufficiently filled, or due to a breach of contract by the lessor, or due to other unforeseeable circumstances.

In such a case, the the reservation is automatically moved to the next speed dating event. However, the client has the possibility to cancel the transferred reservation from his online account. In order to receive a full payment, the cancellation must be performed no later that 8 days prior to the speed dating event. See the section Regulations of Cancellation by Customer.

The payment is returned in the nominal value in which it was credited to the account. The customer, which had used guarantee, and therefore had not credited any payment for the given event, is not entitled to a refund on the canceled event. Discounts or vouchers cannot be exchanged for monetary value.

Code of Coduct

The customer is obligated to treat all other participants with respect, adhere to the ethical code of conduct, do not use ghosting. During event is forbidden to use abrasive, offensive or profane language. Further, it is prohibited to make sexual advances and give to others or solicit from others contact information.

During the speed dating event, customers are strictly prohibited to use any photographic, video or audio recording devices.


The guarantee means the client's right to another dating event, in the same price range for free, in case that the participant does not choose neither of the counterparts, i.e. returns and empty scorebord. The guarantee is provided on selected events to a certain segment of participants (only men or only women), if it is so stated in the event.

A guarantee is not provided and it is not possible to redeem an existing guarantee on speed dating events marked PREMIUM or other events where it is explicitly stated. The guarantee cannot be exchanged for financial compensation. The guarantee does not apply to clients who do not attend the event or who leave the speed dating event prematurely. The guarantee is not applicable on a speed dating event on which a guarantee was already redeemed.

The guarantee of Rande Motýl must bee redeemed no later then 3 months from the date of the speed dating event to which it relates.

In a case that Rande Motýl will not be holding a speed dating event in the same city and in the same group and age type, the guarantee is considered expired. If a guarantee could not be redeemed due to the event cancellation or any other reason, the customer is not entitled to a monetary refund.

If the customer in any way does not conform to the rules and regulations set by these Terms & Conditions, he/she is not entitled to a guarantee, even in a case of not choosing any other participant.

Personal Data Protection

Organizer collects basic personal information of clients that voluntarily filled and submitted the user registration form on the website of Rande Motyl. These information are necessary for our services to function.

Organizer does not share with anyone personal data of client, except for an email address, which is given to those participants of a speed dating event, with whom the client had matches.

Organizer collect personal information from registration form such as first name, last name, email, phone, year of birth, sex, city in which client wants to attend speed dating.

The personal data will be collected for indefinite time. Every customer has the right to ask by email for the deletion of his personal data.

By registering on Rande Motyl website the customer agrees to the sending of marketing offers relevant to the services we provide to the email address that was entered in the registration form.

Final Provisions

The organizer reserves the right to change the web site from time to time without any prior notice.

The organizer also reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time in the future, effective immediately. The organizer, therefore, encourages all the customers to carefully review the most current version of these Terms & Conditions prior to event reservation.

The organizer also does not guarantee to any participant of the speed dating event Rande Motýl that he/she will find a suitable partner.

In a case of any dispute, the Czech version of the Speed Dating Terms & Conditions prevails.