Speed Dating FAQ

Why is speed better than online dating?

Speed ​​dating is a very time-efficient method of dating. With online dating, you spend a lot of time writing messages before a real date comes. And only then you get to see how a person really looks like, hear the color of voice, be able to analyze facial expressions and body language. At speed dating, you immediately know what you're up to. In addition at a speed dating event, in the time normally required for a date with just one person, you will meet more than 10 new singles.

How should I prepare for speed dating?

No special preparation is required. It depends on each individual how they want to approach speed dating. But it's definitely not out of the question to focus on your appearance - wear some nice clothes, go to hairdresser before. Someone people might also feel more confident if they have a few coversation topics ready up their sleeve. Check out our tip What to Talk About on Speed Dating

I don't like the nickname, could I change it?

The nicknames are assigned automatically and cannot be therefore changed upon request. The nickname is not representative of you, as a person. Same rule applies to everyone and certainly nobody will hold your nickname against you. Neither will it influence your success rate at speed dating. And don't worry, you are in a good company. All nicknames are names of superheroes and superheroines from movies and comics. At our speed dating, you will find among others Superman, Batman, Thor, Spiderman or Hulk. From the female heroines you can meet Catwoman, Trinity, Wonder Woman, Indigo or Xena. Nothing prevents you from introducing yourself with your real name at speed dating and you can as well use your superhero nickname as a conversation starter.

How often are speed dating events organized?

Speed dating events are organized by agency Rande Motýl (Date Butterfly) approximately once a month for a given age group and type category. We are offering speed dating events in Prague and Brno.

The speed dating event that I want to register for is full.

Even if the speed dating event is marked as full, it is possible that a place will become available. It can happen that some of the participants will cancel their speed dating reservation, or that some of the participants will not deposit the payment fee within the specified deadline. In this case, you have the option to add yourself to the speed dating waiting list. Adding yourself to the waiting list is not binding and you don't pay anything for it. Only at the moment when space at the speed dating event becomes available and you will receive the reservation email, you should expedite the payment. Of course, the place might not become available or there might be more people before you on the waiting list.

Therefore, we recommend to also reserve next available speed dating event. It is not problem to move the already paid fee to the sooner event, if ultimately a space does become available.

Speed dating gift certificates

Do you have single friends, relatives or co-workers and you are looking for some present for their birthday or Christmas? You can buy a speed dating gift certificate with us. The gift certificate is valid 1 year and you will receive it by email as a .png image in print quality.

See more details on Rande Motyl's speed dating gift certificates.

Can I register for speed dating of a different age category?

The offered age categories are only indicative, although we also have speed dating categories, where we require strict adherence to the age limits. Couple of years here or there (meaning 1 - 2 years) does not usually make a difference, it is more important how much others are guessing you. Nevertheless, don't sign up for speed dating if your age difference is too big. Currently we are offering many different speed dating categories, so almost everyone should be able to pick.

How can I pay for the speed dating event if I don't own a bank account in Czech Republic?

In special cases, after a prior agreement, it is feasible to arrange payment at the place of the speed dating event. However, this option is possible only in exceptional instances and it is up to our discretion if we allow it.

Even without having a bank account in Czech republic, you can still pay in cash at any bank or post office and credit the money to our account. See the payment options for detail on how to make payment for the speed dating event.

For how many speed dating events can I register?

You can register for as many speed dating events as you want. The dates of the speed dating events generally don't collide, it only depends how much you can manage.

How many participants do you guarantee for one speed dating event?

For all speed dating events, we guarantee a minimum of 7 male and 7 female participants. Nevertheless, this is only the minimum number required for a speed dating event to be held. At a majority of the speed dating events, you will have a chance to meet 10 - 12 opposites, at some events it could be even 14 pairs. We always strive to have most people possible at our events.

Speed dating cancellation and payment refunds

Here you will only find a few generic answers. You will find more about event cancellation, whether from the side of the organizer or the participant in Speed Dating Terms & Conditions

When will I find out if a speed dating event is canceled?

In a case of speed dating event cancellation, you will be informed by email at least three days in advance.

Will I get my money back in case of event cancellation?

In a case of the speed dating event cacellation by the organizers, you will have the option to either use the payment towards another event or it will be credited back to your account.

Will I get my money back if I don't show up?

You will get your money back if you cancel your participation on speed dating event at least 7 calendar days in advance. If you cancel at least 72 hours prior to the event you have the option to use the payment against an alternate speed dating event at later date, given that the alternate event date is no later than 3 months since the original payment was received.