Speed Dating Reviews from Prague and Brno

21.05. 2023 The expats speed dating events always remain great!
The expats speed dating events always remain great!

I can certainly recommend this company. I have visited the expats speed dating events multiple times in the last seven years. I have found many friends, had several relationships from there (they have not lasted forever, but that is not the agency's fault though 😀, HAHA) and experienced some fantastic parties!!

The places change, the moderators change, but the speed dating events always remain great! 👍 The crowds vary and are really diverse, sometimes better and sometimes worse... But rest assured that when similarly minded people arrive, the party does not end with the last bell!!!

I especially like the new NYX place... it's just perfect for speed dating events. Total privacy, spacious, cozy...even elegant! I really enjoyed the outside terrace as that's perfect for mingling during and after the events

The new moderators are exceptionally nice and sweet, the very best I have experienced to date.

The event on May 10th had great looking women...and I was fortunate enough to get 5 matches! Will one if them turn out to be "THE ONE" I'm looking for??

Who knows, but I do know that Rande Motýl is definitely worth trying out!!! 👍

14.02. 2022 It beats the hell out of online dating

I have attended several speed dating events with Rande Motyl. At the last event, I had a few matches that night, and I am still dating one of the girls I met.

The thing I like about speed dating is that it takes the stress out of meeting girls. When you walk up to a girl you don't have to wonder if she's single or not; if she wants to talk to you or not. Of course she wants talk to you. That's what she paid for. And you've got four minutes to convince her to talk to you again. Brilliant. Even if you don't meet anyone you're interested in, it's great practice for your conversational skills.

I've received 3 matches with a promising continuation Imagine going out to a bar or club and meeting 15 women in one night and having their undivided attention for at least 4 minutes. When was the last time you did that? Four minutes doesn't sound like much time, but it's enough to see if there is a spark. If you can't at least generate some interest in four minutes, then it's probably not meant to be. Don't blame the organizer. Just accept it as fate, and move on to the next girl.

It beats the hell out of online dating. I've tried it. I've gotten some dates online, but few of them turned into a second date. You can waste weeks sending messages to a girl online before you actually meet in person, only to find out (sometimes immediately) that there is no attraction. Then, to be polite, you have to sit through a date with a girl you have no interest in (or vice versa). That doesn't often happen with speed dating.

Regarding the event itself. It is very well organized. Everything is explained to you very clearly before the event begins. The tables have large numbers on them so you always know where to go next. The organizer gives a loud signal after 4 minutes so you know to move on. She also gives you some advice on expectations and how to proceed. For example, she reminds you to be realistic and don't expect to know after 4 minutes if you've met your life partner. It's just a chance to see if there is some spark of interest or attraction.

I usually have a match or two, but I enjoy the speed dating even when I don't. I just look at it as an opportunity to meet new people, practice my conversational skills and possibly make a new friend.

16.04. 2015 At speed dating, you get to sit down with a number of lovely people
At speed dating, you get to sit down with a number of lovely people

First time speed dating - and I have to say that the event itself was slickly organised and designed to make sure that it is a fun evening out; the fact that I got matched with someone I had my eye on helped of course!

I was a little suspicious and wondered if a speed dating event would make much sense. However, when you think about it, it's all about quickly filtering the basic two questions: firstly, is the person in front of you the kind of person you are attracted to? Secondly: does a short amount of small talk make you want to know them more?

It isn't always easy to approach people in social settings so a speed dating event takes the hassle out of that. If I was in a pub and wanted to chat up someone, I typically would have to tackle her friends, any other interested men, would have to see if she's in the mood to talk or maybe just go dancing - the list is endless. At speed dating, you get to sit down with a number of lovely people, quickly chat and conclude whether you would like to find out more.

Sure - it's possible that none of the women would end up being The One; but that's not the point. You can only discover that when you try and speed dating lets you see who you want to try this out with. I've had my fair share of false opportunities before (and written about them on my blog too) so this was a refreshing change.

In the end, I got matched with one person I had my eye on. We've met, we've talked and we'll meet again so who knows what will happen :-)

Highly recommendable!

26.02. 2015 I've received 3 matches with a promising continuation

I've received 3 matches with a promising continuation Last expats speed dating event was really an amazing one! (Well, honestly speaking - every Rande Motyl's speed dating event is of that kind :) During evening I met many nice girls with a good sense of humor, 2 of them even came from my native country (Russia) - what a happy coincidence!

So, we were sitting and chatting about different things in a very relaxing and informal atmosphere. Some ladies told me really exciting stories about their living in Prague. Sport, hobbies, social activities, lifestyle - we discussed lot of things, and I was surprised a lot how much do I have in common with 1 of those girls (by the way, she was impressed too)!

It would be worth to mention: as it turned out later, I've received 3 matches with a promising continuation! :)

16.10. 2014 The speed dating organization was smooth and entertaining
Every girl at speed dating was from different country

On Monday, October 13th, I went to the speeddating Rande Motyl organized by Jana Olivova. I know this Agency for a long time and I know that Jana is a real professional. I have been already to maybe four of her events and it was always well prepared and the organization was smooth and entertaining. The same happened yesterday. To my biggest surprise, this time there were one more men than women, which actually does not happen almost any time and is a real benefit for the ladies representation. Moreover, all men were extremely interesting. Not only because being from coutries all over the world, but and mainly because having the most colourful characters I have ever seen at a speeddating party. Basically, the huge room was full of exciting personalities who were ready to share their ideas in order to create a friendly atmosphere with the possibility of establishing new relationships.

Altogether, there were 15 men, 14 women and the organizer, Jana, which means that we spent two hours chatting about simply everything. On my part, I liked all the men, but I could not circle all of them because I was afraid if nobody would circle me, it would be a total disaster for my ego:-)

With these few sentences, I would very much like to thank all the participants; it was the best speeddating I have ever gone to. I hope I can still attend more and I can still spend my time with the brave men who are not afraid to show that they are actually searching for a girlfriend.

Thank you very much again, guys. It was a pleasure.

12.06. 2014 I really liked the speed dating

I really like it!

The nice thing about the speed dating event - you never can predict the results! Never, trust me. Several times I was under impression that "this girl will I really liked the speed dating definitely underline my name among other candidates" because our dialog went more than smooth and exciting. However, after the event finished and results became available, I was quite surprised (sometimes even puzzled): other girls selected me, and not this one! Speed dating is really a game with lot of fun, there is no reason to be upset about that. I always met with girls in case of matching - all of them were positive, kind and with a good sense of humor :) So, summarizing all written above: speed dating is more than an ordinary dating event, it is a good opportunity to meet bright and positive people, to share ideas and positive emotions, to discover common interests and many-many more!

4.06. 2014 Every girl at speed dating was from different country
Every girl at speed dating was from different country

Hello, I just finished English speed dating. I have to say that this session was very interesting as every girl was from different country and had her own story, which enhanced this experience. The atmosphere was very comfortable and girls at the speed dating were smart and easy-going. It was a very good opportunity for me as I'm looking for a foreigner, living in Prague. I found there new friends and maybe even something more, who knows :-). The time will show in couple of weeks...

Thank you for creating this type of events, I will definitely be recommending speed dating to anyone who is single!

11.03. 2014 My first speed dating event, but definitely not the last

My first speed dating event, but definitely not the last It was my first attending of the speed dating event - first, but definitely not the last! I'll explain why in a moment.

First of all, it is extremely simple to make a reservation - all that you need is a 1-2 minutes of your time (and internet access, of course! =) ) The process is quite straightforward: you select appropriate event (pay attention whether it is czech-speaking or english-speaking), then you confirm your choice and the new (automatically generated) letter will be sent to you, with your nickname (typically, from comics/cartoons) - its really fun!

Now, about the speed dating event. There were lot beautiful girls and it exceeded my expectations I had before! Many of them were really interesting persons with lot of activities, hobbies etc. We chatted, smiled to each other, joked and exchanged positive emotions - an unforgettable exciting experience, thanks to the organizers! Imagine my joy when later I knew I had a match with a girl - the one of I liked the most! We began dating and developing our relationships and I believe it was not a coincidence in my life!

I can tell you even more, but... maybe its better to see it with your own eyes? Good luck to everyone!

7.06. 2012 Speed dating is not for losers
Speed dating is not for loosers

Jana was very professional and gave us all the valuable information we needed to start speed dating. She made the atmosphere during the speed dating event relaxed and nice. The room was full and there was a break to grab a glass of wine and get to know the other people better. Someone can think that dating agencies are for losers but it is not true. The losers will not have the courage to come in a first place and they could hardly make for such an enjoyable and interesting evening. The location is perfect too - just in the very downtown and the restaurant has interesting architectonic features. People at the speed dating are very friendly and organization is well executed - nice evening.

30.04. 2012 Find women with class on speed dating event

Find women with class on speed dating event Rande Motyl is one way to get to know women with class(open-minded). I went once to this speed dating event and initially I was in doubt if to go or not, but actually the experience is worthy. At least for 4 minutes, the woman is all yours. After that it's up to you. From what I noticed, the women there are looking for an option to Czech guys, that's why they are there. So, I would advise you to try it.

15.03. 2012 Special connection at speed dating in Prague

Last November I attended one of the expats speed dating events and I was nicely impressed by the average attractiveness of the ladies, and when the moment of chatting arrived, then I also liked their personality and the atmosphere.

Special connection at speed dating

As a foreigner living and working in Prague is not easy to find suitable girls to date in bars at night. The speed dating event gave me the chance to meet interesting women opened to dating and know someone special. I had a special connection with this cute Moravian girl whit whom I had so much in common, same interests and both working for international companies based in Prague. We started dating the same week the event took place and every date was better than the previous, today (4 months later), I can say we have a wonderful relationship and we have already started making plans for a common future together. So, in short, thanks a lot Rande Motyl!

25.06. 2011 Stop being hesitant or indecisive and try speed dating

Stop being hesitant or indecisive and try speed dating If you're hesitant or indecisive whether to sign up for speed dating event or not, my advice is simple - go for it! I did the same and was really surprised how easily it works. Of course, I was afraid of embarrassment or awkward gaps in conversation but something like that didn't happened. The timing is perfectly set and you're able to get over even if the person in front of you is not your cup of tee. On the other hand, you might suffer from a shortage of time as the one you're just talking to is somebody you hit it off. Just realise that you're not the only one who is nervous, there is a group of people in the same situation. So, put aside prejudice, let your hair down and enjoy!

22.06. 2011 Wonderful time at speed dating
Wonderful time at speed dating

I attended one of your speed dating events last month and had a wonderful time. It's the first time I have tried speed dating but it certainly won't be my last. I will definitely be back. I thought it was very well organized and there were a lot of attractive and interesting women. I just relocated to Prague from the US and had only been here 2 weeks when I attended your event. It's a great way to meet new people and find someone special to share all this wonderful city has to offer. Especially if you're new to the city like myself and don't know anyone. Even if you've been here for years and have lots of friends it's always nice to meet new people. You never know you just might meet the love of your life. That's one of the things that makes speed dating so exciting.

18.06. 2011 Never tried speed-dating before and was pleasantly surprised

Never tried speed-dating before Never tried speed-dating before and had reservations about the whole concept. Frankly, it seemed a bit daunting: Say something interesting about yourself in less than four minutes and hopefully not be found lacking? Yikes. But after attending a Rande Motyl event I came away pleasantly surprised by the experience. It was well-organized, attended by a diverse group of people, and had an easy atmosphere about it. And not getting picked by folks I liked and wanted to match with actually did not sting the ego as much as I had imagined.... In fact, it was encouraging to know that I could take chances like this and come away just okay. It may not be everyone's cup of tea for making romantic connections, but it's certainly a harmless and fun/quirky way to meet new people, practice the art of making interesting small talk (or selling your self/brand), and spend a few hours on a Sunday night. Give it a try. What have you got to lose?

28.05. 2011 Skeptical about speed dating and one time was the charm
one time charm at the speed dating

We were trying to find a place where my friend could meet an interesting women. Colleague of ours recommended speed dating (rychle rande). My friend was skeptical about whole idea at the beginning. He was not sure what to expect there, what kind of people, atmosphere, etc. We told him to take it with good doze of humor, distance and focus only on fun side. He come back satisfied and in good spirits. He told us that he had a chance to meet there lots of different, nice and interesting people. The whole event was prepared in a professional way, top service he did not really expect at such place. The most important thing was that he met a girl there and they are still seeing each other.

14.5. 2011 Impressions about speed dating from Guiri Guide to Prague

# Let me just start by saying that I usually avoid the whole dating thing all together. It has always seemed so artificial and awkward to me. I suppose dating is a natural phenomenon that includes the small talk and uncomfortable situations. All the men/boys that I ever dated I’ve met though friends, which started off in a group settings...

Full speed dating impressions article from Guiri Guide to Prague

9.4. 2011 Speed dating is very relaxing

I attended the speed dating in January and was positively surprised. I found it to be a very relaxing and good way to meet single women. Everything was very well organized. I have only positive things to say about this, you should not hesitate to try it, I found it a big success. I really enjoyed it

27.8. 2010 Boost in confidence from speed dating

The best thing that came out of the speed dating event for me was a nice boost in confidence, which in turn, made it that much easier to meet people the old fashioned way. The event was fun and the people I met there were nice. I've participated a second time recently with even better results.

12.7. 2010 Professional and well organized speed dating event
Professional and well organized speed dating event

I’d seen speed dating on TV and movies, and wasn’t really sure what to expect when a friend invited me to join her at a Rande Motyl event. I was pleasantly surprised by how well-run and professional the evening was. I attended one of the basic expat speed dating events. The restaurant was a good location in the center of the city, with a large room and lots of small tables. We ladies were invited to arrive earlier than the men so my friend and I sat and sipped our drinks while the men arrived. The instructions were clear—threeish minutes to chat and then decide if we wanted to meet again. We were each given an alias so that we wouldn’t have to reveal our names if we didn’t want to. The conversations I had varied between slightly uncomfortable and really enjoyable. The nice thing was in knowing that there was no obligation on my part if it wasn’t working out. Three minutes is a short time when it’s going well, but it’s a relief when it’s not. I liked the freedom of moving on—which isn’t quite what happens when you meet someone in a bar. Speed dating was a much easier, less stressful alternative than hitting the clubs. The organizers were great and had clearly thought things through and/or learned from past experience. When both people say yes to each other, you receive an email (which was waiting for me when I got home) with their email address. The men were instructed to contact the ladies (saves some frustration and confusion) and the aliases, although somewhat humorous, were helpful. I would happily do this again and have recommended it to several of my friends. It’s an appealing idea, and, I have to say, great in execution too.

19.3. 2010 Quite beautiful and attractive women at speed dating

beautiful and attractive women at speed dating Dating is something I try to avoid like moldy bread or drinking someone else's beer. It never turns out well. Part of the reason for this is the artificial form of contact -- you don't know the girl, you're in a busy place: it's more of a job interview. Speed dating should be twice as bad, I thought, because it's even more artificial: you have less than five minutes with a girl. It's like a game show. To my regret, in January I lost a bet with my sister, who is also a heavy drinker. Tired of hearing me complain about being lonely, she directed me to this speed dating service. I attended an event in February. Here's what happened. First, I was surprised that the women seemed actually glad to see me. This does not often happen. Second, I was surprised that on average the women themselves were quite beautiful and attractive. I had rather expected something that had crawled out from the Metro tunnels. Third, the price for attending is ridiculously affordable. For the price of one date, you get several. And your chances of success -- as for me -- are excellent. I'm now dating two women I met at the February event. It is casual right now, but it has certainly cured my loneliness. The answer was very simple and I'm surprised I didn't try this sooner. I hope this has been a helpful review! If these women tire of me, I will gladly come back in April!

17.3. 2010 Speed dating is quite effective way to meet someone
 Speed dating is effective way to meet someone

I was pleasantly surprised. The place was really nice, the people interesting and the atmosphere relaxed. I have a busy life and demanding career, speed dating I can fit in my schedule. It would take me long time to meet so many new people. The 3 minutes (well I think it was a bit more) are quite enough to to sense if there is some spark. I can only recommend it to everyone who is fed up with the online dating and does not like to waste time. It really is quite effective way to meet someone. Of course if it will lead to something more permanent only time will tell. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

23.2. 2010 1 out of 10 ok for a speed date

Out of 10 potential matches, I went on a date with three (out of four I picked), but, unfortunately, none of them have worked out. I was seriously interested in one case, but the girl said she started dating someone else :-( She was potentially a kind of girl I'm looking for. So, with a hit rate of 1 out of 10, that's ok for a speed date.

10.1. 2010 Speed dating is a great way for expats to also meet new friends

speed dating also for meeting friends Hi, I am Ciro from Italy and I live in Praha only just few months. When i arrived here I didn't know very much people, so I checked events and people would like to meet other people. I though why not girls are looking a man!!! I founded a speed dating event organise here in Praha very often in English for expats, so I wrote to organisator and I want to the event for my first time.. It was funny to speak with many girls... but it's impossible you like every person and girls but you have to find right person or girls.. Now I go very often to this event , because I founded very good friends there ...and I think if you don't find a relationship you can find very good friends here, especially if you are expat in Praha. open mind and heart also every time....

6.12.2009 Speed dating is nice and entertaining

I spend a nice evening and will make sure the people around me who are already asking me about it, know it was a nice and entertaining thing to do. Once again, thank you for the organization of the event and... well, don't take it bad, but... I hope I don't have to deal with your services again ;) and if I do, it will be with pleasure :)

25.09. 2009 How does speed dating work through the eyes of the participant
How does speed dating work

I did not know much about speed dating, a friend of mine just told me that she heard about it somewhere. I googled it: invented in the U.S., quite popular and effective, and it even appeared in my favorite Sex and the City series – yeah, I remembered that one. Well, since we were both recently dumped, we decided to give it a try. To arrange everything is so easy, you do it all online – choose the term, book it, and pay it. In your mailbox, together with the confirmation you also receive your nickname, under which you will present yourself at the event. Those nicknames are actually quite funny – names of warrior heroes from various movies. All that seemed so fine, but when the “big day“ came, we felt so nervous. We met much earlier, for few drinks... not that it would really help, we still felt so nervous. What are we gonna ask them? What if everybody there is gonna be ugly? What if they will think we are ugly? Ah, that was so bad idea to go there! Even when we finally got to the place, where the event was to be held, we were still so reluctant to participate... We argued which one of us got this bloody idea, and almost run away. Luckily, we stayed. Once it actually started, it was all fine, and we both really enjoyed ourselves. As a girl, you just sit by the table, and men are coming to you. You have some three minutes with each of them. And it is not that hard to talk with a person for three minutes, you can ask them where are they from, how they like Prague, why they are here etc. or you even can talk about your silly nicknames, when there is really nothing on the top of your head to ask about. And we were both surprised, how nice men we met. None of the participant was ugly, stupid, unsociable or anything like that. All of them seemed quite smart and good-looking, both men and women. Before you sit by the table, you got a peace of paper, where all the nicknames of opposite sex participants are written, and a pen to make notes. I definitely recommend you to take some notes, because it may be sometimes quite difficult to remember who was who. In the middle, there was a little break, during which we went for another drinks and talked with two men for little bit longer than those three minutes. And after you talked to everybody, you are to decide who would you like to meet again. Then you indicate them on the list of nicknames, and if they also chose you, you will receive each other’s emails next day. The whole evening was very enjoyable; it is nice to get a chance to talk to about 14 single men in just about two hours. We both got some matches, I haven’t met all of them yet, but with one of them it looks like we could be good friends. And, even if I may not date any of them, I am really happy I came here, because it also makes you feel more confident about dating in general, you get to see it can be fun and quite easy, and you can become to feel more attractive. And so does think my friend.

20.9. 2009 All nervousness went away with the first speed dating round

first speed dating round I was pretty nervous before going to the speed dating, but all the nervousness went away with the first dating round. It is amazing how easy it is to talk to someone you have never seen before when there is a three minute deadline hanging over your head. I had no expectations, but was quite amazed how many beautiful and pleasant women attended this event. I have never been that comfortable or interested in picking up women in bars or clubs. Here it was easy. There was no need for pick up lines, which allowed me to relax and just be myself. You already know that the women are interested in dating and the three minutes is quite enough to sense if she might be also interested in you. When I looked around, I saw that everyone was smiling and laughing. I think people really enjoyed it and had a good time. From the organizational point of view, I think it was well organized. I had received a confirmation email when my payment arrived, a reminder few days before the event and the event results arrived to my Inbox the same night. Also, the place had a very good ambient, great wine and a very friendly wait staff. My only criticism would be that it was sometimes hard to hear people because the place was quite small...but well hearing people is hard in any bar or club. I've had three matches and now I am exploring where it will go. I can only recommend speed dating to everyone who is trying to find a date.