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21.2. 2016 - Speed Dating News

New Singles Nights in Prague and Brno

Rande Motýl has prepared for you some new singles dating events, some of them with a age span of only 8 years. Thespeed dating categories overlap a bit, in order for those who find themselves on the edges, to be able to choose what fits them better. We hope that these new expats and Czech speed dating categories will improve your selection and will make meeting other single expats and Czechs easier. You can now choose from these speed dating categories (for Czech speaking):

  • Men: 22 - 30 | Women: 18 - 27 - Prague, Brno singles nights FREE for women
  • Men: 28 - 37 | Women: 25 - 34
  • Men: 36 - 44 | Women: 31 - 39 Prague, Brno
  • Men: 41 - 49 | Women: 36 - 44
  • Men: 47 - 62 | Women: 43 - 54
  • Men: 55 - 66 | Women: 49 - 59

Non-Traditional Dating Events

Everyone likes something different. We try to satisfy different demands of our clients and therefore we offer also not so traditional speed dating events. These singles nights are not held in regular intervals as our other dating events. You can find them under the tab 'Events', in section 'Future Speed Dating Events'. If you would like to attend any of these dating / networking events in Prague or Brno, please add yourself to waiting list. Once we see big enough interest from both sides, men and women, we will set a date and send you a cofirmation email and also SMS.

Zizkov Tower covered in snow - speed dating events are held here It is quite common that, after certain age, men prefer rather younger women as their partners. Nobody is really surprised or offended by that anymore. :) But it works also the other way around. ;) There are men, who prefer mature, self confident and sexy older women. And women, with these younger but mentally matured men are discovering hidden energy and new vitality. There are plenty of examples like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart, Susan Sarandon and Jonathan Bricklin, Sharon Stone and her 30 year older boyfriend Martin Mica, Hugh Jackman and his 13 year older wife Deborra Lee-Furness or in our vicinity Martin Chodůr and his 16 year older girlfriend and mother of his child. Often names like cougar, sugar mama, sugar daddy are used to denote dating groups with significant age disparity. We use code name INVERTED to denote the singles events for younger men and older women and CLASSIC for older men and younger women. For both categories we have prepared following speed dating categories:

  • INVERTED Men: 22 - 32 | Women: 33 - 43 Prague, Brno (for Czech speaking)
  • INVERTED Men: 27 - 37 | Women: 38 - 49 Prague, Brno (for Czech speaking)
  • CLASSIC Men: 40 - 55 | Women: 20 - 34 Prague (for Czech and English speaking)
  • CLASSIC Men: 31 - 43 | Women: 22 - 32 Prague, Brno (for Czech speaking)

Meeting expats in Prague and Brno

Prague and Brno are full of foreigners, who are living, working or studying here and are looking for a serious relationship. On the other hand, many Czechs have lived abroad, they consider themselves cosmopolitan and prefer meeting and dating foreigners. So, those of you who speak English and like to meet expats or expats who want to meet Czech women we are offering these expats speed dating events:

  • Expats Speed Dating Men: 23 - 30 | Women: 20 - 27 - Prague, Brno singles nights FREE for women
  • Expats Speed Dating Men: 28 - 44 | Women: 25 - 35 Prague
  • Expats Speed Dating Men: 34 - 50 | Women: 25 - 42 Prague
  • Expats Speed Dating Men: 46 - 60 | Women: 42 - 54 Prague
  • Expats Speed Dating Men: 25 - 35 | Women: 21 - 31 Brno
  • Expats Speed Dating Men: 28 - 44 | Women: 25 - 40 Brno

Traditional Singles Networking Nights

We are certainly also offering already traditional speed dating nights. You can always find the whole list of current dating events in Prague and Brno under the 'Events' tab and you can also reserve the speed dating there.

Prague singles dating / networking events >>
Brno singles dating / networking events >>

We are continuosly changing the speed dating categories. Therefore, if you don't see a category that suits you right away, check our website in a while and maybe it will be already posted. But also remember that age is just a number and everyone looks different. :)