Speed Dating Success Rate - What Are The Chances

17.8. 2012 - Speed Dating Tip

What are the chances to meet someone on speed dating. People are always asking what are the chances on speed dating to find a date, or what is the speed dating success rate. Let’s try to turn this question around. What chances do you think you have, on a scale 1 – 10, to find a date within one month during your regular activities? For example at work, in school, supermarket, in public transportation, in a bar or club, during some sport etc. Now multiply this number by 10 because this is a minimum of opposites that you will meet and talk to on speed dating. Yes, the chances that you will find a date are undeniably higher on speed dating than anywhere else. On speed dating you already know that people are single and interested in dating – a kind of security you do not have in a bar or club. During your regular activities you are also usually surrounded by people you already know and this circle of friends does not always change very much. And even when a new face appears, it does not necessarily mean that you will hit it off. The great thing about speed dating is also that you do not need to be making up a pick up lines to start a conversation with a complete stranger. During speeddating the conversations develop quite naturally, probably because you have the 4 minute deadline to dazzle someone hanging over your head. You also don’t have to deal with unpleasant rejection, just circle who you would like to see again and in the results, you will see if it is mutual.

Of course, not everyone will find a date on speed dating. Everything depends on your demands and expectations and also on how you fulfill the expectations of others. It is also better not to rely on finding the ONE right the first time you visit speed dating, although it has happened before. :) After all, you probably do not find a date in a club or bar every time you go, either. You probably hardly manage to start a conversation in the noise and follow through by exchanging contact information.

Speed dating is fun. You will meet at least 10 other singles

And what about speed dating success rate? What exactly do you consider a success? Can it be even quantified? Is it a success if your relationship lasts a year, does it have to be more, or does it have to end in till death do as apart? Speed dating does not have the ability to influence whether your relationship will last or not. It is only the two of you who can influence that and it does not matter at that point where or how you had met. Most people don‘t have the need, nor the time to inform speed dating agency about their love successes and lot of them also don't want to jinx their fresh relationship. Of course, there is some feedback and testimonials, but it is only a tip of an iceberg. Therefore, counting some success rate, in a terms of how many people had found a relationship on speed dating and whether or not it lasted, is impossible.

What is the speed dating success rate Nevertheless, if you are still complaining that you can’t find a date, stop pondering what the success rate is and try it out. After all, the success rate will always be individual. And trying to meet other people and finding a partner belongs to the basic human nature and there is nothing desperate or strange about it. In the end, speed dating is not some miraculous method of meeting other people that would somehow artificially create couples. It‘s just that the more people you meet the better chance you have finding the right person for you. Always, everything depends on your charm, personality, communication skills and effort as anywhere else. As it is with anything else, some people will love speed dating, for other it will not have the same appeal. But until you try, you will not know which group you belong to.